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How to Prevent Rodents Eating Wires of the car

Rodents once they enter your car, can cause a lot of damage, which can be minor and even major. To prevent rodents eating wires, you need regular pest control in your car. Rodents-related damage is a genuine problem that is readily increasing as automakers are using more plant-based materials these days. To tackle this issue pest control agencies work on preventing their teeth from growing too long. Rodents can chew through steering lines, plugs air-conditioning ducts, and fill engine intakes.

However they can cause a lot of damage than one can imagine, so you need to immediately work on removing them. Chewed wires can’t be repaired that easily, they need professional take care. So take the early signs of rodents in your car, like scratches, droppings, chewed wires and damaged belts. Hence taking the right steps to keep rodents away from your car is very important. Also removing them as soon as possible. So to cater to all your automotive issues, here at carorbis we have the best quality automotive accessories at the most affordable prices.

1) allow light:

Allowing light inside your vehicle is not just a good habit but sunlight also locks moisture, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Good sunlight inside your vehicle rodents as rodents do not like light, they prefer dark places. So consider parking your vehicle in a space with having ample amount of light.

Allow light to enter the car through the door and also keep the car roof open for some time, making sure that the interior gets enough exposure. Rats and mice hate sunlight and tend to build nests in the dark zone. So this can trigger them very easily.

2) Try to block the entry:

Catching up on them and discovering their entry point is half of the battle done. So if you are confident enough about the place from where they had entered your vehicle then you should immediately proceed to block the entry. Sealing the entry points, however, is a little difficult as rats and mice create very tiny holes that are hard to locate. Then try take some professional help.

3) No food inside the car:

Yes, rodents need food for survival and where there is food, there are rodents, so if leave food items inside your car then that’s an invitation for them. To come and enjoy the happy meal, if you want your car to stay free from mice and rats then no food should be left inside the car, even the small piece, and if accidentally left needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Children generally tend to drop the tiny bits of food items , that gather on the floor of the car and attract the mice to get inside somehow. Making you completely free from food is the only solution you are not putting any bait for the hunter. Otherwise, there left no reason for them to enter.

4) Clean the area:

Regular cleaning of the car is a much-encouraged activity and needs to be done at all costs. As a dirty car as left remains of food items, spills, and other dirt and gunk. This unwanted smell of different items not been cleaned for long becomes a perfect place for living for mice and rats. As rodents love to live in a space a little dirty and yes has food smells. Cleaning the car not just removes the dirt and dust and the possibility of rodents entering the car, but as the car is a style statement for a person, the hygiene levels make the car sound and smell good.

5) Peppermint oil:

Peppermint oil is a kind of rat protection for cars, as the smell of peppermint oil is not at all suitable and comfortable for rodents. All types of rats and mice hate such fragrances. So you just have to some good quality peppermint oil and spread a few drops of it in the all different spaces of your car. Peppermint oil helps repel mice perfectly but keep in mind to repeat the process after regular intervals of days. For 2-3 days approximately for better and more effective results.

6) Gadgets: 

You can use electrical gadgets as a deterrent as well. These types of gadgets are available in the market that emits a sound that only rats and mice can hear. They vibrate and produce a sound that is motion-sensitive and helps prevent rodents inside the car. Just like peppermint oil, gadgets are also a good option to use against rodents but need to be repeated after a few days.

7) Trap them:

Placing a rat trap works all fine if anything else doesn’t work.

8) Poison:

Lastly if left with no other choice, poison them.

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