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Top Best Selling Perfumes in USA

Looking to find the best-selling perfumes in America? Well look no further! We have researched and found the top 10 perfumes that are currently available, and are popular with all ages.

Calvin Klein Truth

This scent by Calvin Klein is a clean and fresh fragrance that is perfect for most occasions. With notes of musk, jasmine, and sandalwood that are intricately blended together to create a hint of mystery, it makes for a great signature fragrance. This one is perfect for any occasion – wear it to the office or out on the town! This blend beautifully because it has just the right amount of fruity notes with some woody undertones to make this an attractive fragrance with beautiful layers and depth.

Guilty Gucci

This powerful and beautiful aroma is one that is perfect for those who want something sweet and yet with a touch of spice to it. This can be worn in the day or the evening, and is great for any occasion. The fruity notes of this perfume mingle well with blackberries, cherries, and plums that are woven together to create a sexy blend that is feminine and floral at the same time. This one makes a great gift for yourself or someone special. Charming Chupardy.

This unique scent by Chupardy is one that will surely catch your attention each time you wear it out in public.

La Vie EST Belle Lancôme

This refreshing and beautiful aroma is one that is great for those who have a sophisticated style.

Gucci Rush Lancôme

This tempting and beautiful aroma is one that has notes of violet, rose, jasmine, and vanilla. This makes this scent sweet yet fruity at the same time. This may be worn for day or evening wear and can be worn for any occasion – perfect for just about any occasion! Estée Lauder Pure White Bouquet. Dior Sauvage Dossier.Co offers some of Dior’s most popular fragrances.

This floral fragrance by Estée Lauder is a wonderful blend of white roses, blond violets, narcissus, orange blossoms, and lily of the valley.

Burberry Brit Burberry

A Burberry perfume is not an everyday choice for many people. The word simple, which comes from the Scottish and means “obvious,” may help describe this scent that was introduced at a time when it was fashionable to wear a fragrance every day.

This brand follows trends and charges a premium price for its fragrances, although other high-end brands like Chanel are also available in department stores.

Among the most popular perfumes sold are the Burberry Brit (2007), Bloom (2011), and Haymarket (2004). In 2013, there were over 4 million single bottles of perfumes sold worldwide.

Adore Christian Dior

It is a perfume which was created in 2004 # 1 great bite and odor. The formula of this perfume includes amber, coumarin, vanilla and other exotic ingredients.

Perfume contains ingredients such as patchouli, musk and sandalwood. Fruit notes include red berries, black currant, litchi and plum. This fragrance is recommended for romantic wear.

The scent of this perfume will last for several hours after spraying on your body parts (not like the cheap perfumes which last only 2 hours).

There are two formulas available in this product – Eau de Perfume (0.33 fl oz or 10 ml) and Eau de Toilette.

Miss Dior (new version) Dior

Miss Dior Perfume is one of the most iconic fragrances from Christian Dior. Released in 2008 by Dior, this fragrance has an airy, flirty, youthful and childish character that is ideal for casual daily wear. It’s the perfect scent for anyone who wants to feel feminine and beautiful.

It’s launched in Eau de Toilette (0.17 fl oz or 5 ml) and Perfume (0.25 fl oz or 5 ml).

This fragrance has a sweet, fresh-flowery and very fruity scent. The orange blossom, carnation and rose can be found in it too.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue: The birth of a new fragrance that was released in 2008. It is considered the perfect scent for the summer, which is very popular on those who are interested in cosmetics and fashion. This fragrance combines sweet fruity notes with freshness and lightness.

It is one of the most popular perfumes sold in the United States. When you wear this perfume you will feel so good that you say YES – I love to D&G Light blue!

This product is launched in Eau de Toilette (1 fl oz or 30 ml), Eau de Perfume (30 ml) and Cologne (1 oz).

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